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[] t h e g i r l w i t h t h e u n b r e a k a b l e h e a r t [] <3

Somewhere full of candies and chocolates!
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My ‘name’ is Ann. But I also answer to a_poo or あ-Poo, so whatever you want is fine with me. I'm 16 years old and I live in the north part of Spain. Over the last year I’ve become a great japanese music/culture fan. The main culprit of this ‘obsession’ is undoubtedly my beloved Takahashi Ai, member of the j-pop group Morning Musume. I am also interested in creating graphics –even though I am still an amateur.
@ddictions: Takitty, Gaki, Rebelde, Mia Collucci.
The current layout features Takahashi Ai & Risa Niigaki, the two best girls in MoMusu. HTML made by snubicons, header made by me.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons